Garden Hacks: How to get a beehive in your garden

I have wanted beehives in our garden for as long as I can remember! I've got countless books on how to become a beekeeper and have looked at various courses throughout the country.. I've never quite got round to booking the course and read reviews online where people have said they were great but they… Continue reading Garden Hacks: How to get a beehive in your garden


Porch Cottages kitchen garden & orchard plans

When we first bought the house in December 2016 we had grand plans for the back of the garden. Our garden is an L shape and the area visible from the house was a lawn area surrounded in laurels and rhododendrons. We attacked a huge number of the laurels to create a flower bed (we… Continue reading Porch Cottages kitchen garden & orchard plans

Garden Diaries: Raised beds and soil deliveries

After about 6 months, our raised beds are finally filled with soil! Well, almost.. They would be if we had calculated it properly, so the herb beds and one & three quarters of our three raised beds are filled. But that's enough to keep us going! We found a good local supplier of top soil… Continue reading Garden Diaries: Raised beds and soil deliveries

Driveway & terrace border, the big dig

Between our terrace and drive we had, what I thought, was a fairly small and unusable border that had been completely neglected and was overgrown. The previous owners had planted up a herb bed that had seen better days and the rest was filled with matted geraniums, a healthyish hosta and an overgrown rhododendron, camellia,… Continue reading Driveway & terrace border, the big dig