Review: Omlet Eglu Cube chicken coop

Last month we finally decided it was time to make the move from a wooden coop to a plastic one. It has taken over a year to finally make the decision, with my love of all things quaint and traditional stopping me from making the plunge. Despite our latest coop being less than one year… Continue reading Review: Omlet Eglu Cube chicken coop

How to take dahlia cuttings

The dahlia addiction is expensive, but if you know this little trick it will save you lots of money and also make your current dahlias much healthier. You don't want lots of stems coming out of one tuber because the plant becomes crowded and air can't circulate through the stems and foliage. If it's a… Continue reading How to take dahlia cuttings

Why you need a pair of tripod ladders

Sometimes you find a brand that you really love and that's what happened when I found Niwaki. After a couple of years of following them on instagram I decided to do something i've never done before and reach out to them to see if they wanted to work together. To my huge excitement they got back to… Continue reading Why you need a pair of tripod ladders

Wild garlic recipes

I love this wild garlic because not only is it delicious, good for you and cheap, but it's a sign that summer is well and truly on the way and what can be better? Wild garlic can be found in our woodlands and hedgerows. The subtle scent of garlic wafts through the area and the… Continue reading Wild garlic recipes

Propagating yew & box hedges

We have some overgrown and past their best hedging at the back of the house. It's woody, wild and the selection of shrubs and trees isn't what I'd have picked. So to save our bank accounts the hit of new hedging, we’ve been propagating some yew and box from another part of the same hedge.… Continue reading Propagating yew & box hedges

Grandtully Hotel by Ballintaggart

We found Ballintaggart quite by mistake almost a year ago when we were travelling home from our annual holiday in the Highlands. When the A9, the only main road South, was shut due to an accident we were rerouted near to Pitlochry and after an hour in nose to tail traffic we spotted a sign… Continue reading Grandtully Hotel by Ballintaggart

Making greenhouse staging from pallets

I've needed extra staging for the greenhouse for the last year and have been looking for a wallet friendly solution. We've tried looking at shelves from ikea and even the potting benches from Aldi (really great, but smaller than we need and £29.99), but then I saw on Charles Dowding's page that he created some… Continue reading Making greenhouse staging from pallets

Review: Chelsea Physic Gardens

I lived in London for close to ten years, for almost two of those I would walk alongside the north perimeter of Chelsea Physic Gardens every single day and later moved just round the corner. Originally I actually thought it might not be open to the public, but the more my interest in gardening grew… Continue reading Review: Chelsea Physic Gardens

Sowing tomato seeds 🍅

In the past I have always bought little plug plants for my tomatoes but felt like I was cheating... I'm not sure why, I often say you don't get a medal for making things harder for yourself, but I'm sure I'll definitely get an extra kick of satisfaction knowing I'm eating something I grew from… Continue reading Sowing tomato seeds 🍅

Chitting potatoes (my first time!)

I have a confession to make... I have never chitted my potatoes before. If I'm honest, I never actually thought it was worth it and would make any difference, but it's hard to ignore so many gardeners! This year I wanted to plant some super earlies into bags in the greenhouse to have a harvest… Continue reading Chitting potatoes (my first time!)