Recipe: Irish marrow chutney

The courgette glut continues and with it comes the arrival of marrows! We went away for the weekend to see Andrew's family in Sussex and when we came back our super courgettes had made quite a few marrows. Luckily I have a great marrow chutney recipe (stolen from my mother-in-law) to use them up and… Continue reading Recipe: Irish marrow chutney


Recipe: Courgette, pistachio & lime cake

If like me, you've grown your own courgettes this year then you're probably in the middle of a courgette glut! I've been constantly thinking of new and interesting ways to use them including trial a few cake recipes. This recipe has been by far the most successful, best made with a loaf tin and using… Continue reading Recipe: Courgette, pistachio & lime cake

Propagating succulents

Before I started gardening I thought propagation was some kind of magical voodoo. Seriously, how could someone chop a bit of plant off, pop it in a plant pot and just grow a new one!? But since starting our own garden we've been propagating with real mixed success and the easiest plants for it has… Continue reading Propagating succulents

Watering solutions for when youโ€™re away

This week marks the start of the school summer holidays and with the heatwave many of us are running the risk of returning home from a nice jolly to frazzled plants. We've just got back from a week away and we very wisely asked our neighbour to water everything in the greenhouse and the hanging… Continue reading Watering solutions for when youโ€™re away

Review: The Eden Project, Cornwall

This week we came away on holiday to Fowey in Cornwall. We thought while we were all the way down here, it would be stupid of us to not go and visit The Eden Project. Towards the end of the week we had a cloudy day so thought it would be the perfect opportunity to… Continue reading Review: The Eden Project, Cornwall

Recipe: Stuffed courgette flowers

I'm very excited that our courgette plants are full of flowers and plan on making full use of them with this tasty recipe. One of my favourite things about this recipe is that it sounds much more difficult than it actually is and is perfect for impressing dinner guests. If you're not growing your own… Continue reading Recipe: Stuffed courgette flowers

Recipe: Elderflower cordial

I don't think anything welcomes the summer like picking elder blossom ready to make delicious cordial to be enjoyed on hazy days! We make huge batches of this fragrant nectar and store in the freezer in old plastic bottles to treat ourselves all year round. It couldn't be easier so do give it a bash!… Continue reading Recipe: Elderflower cordial