Dahlia diaries

This is the first year I’ve tried dahlias and I might have got a little carried when buying them up! On top of the ones I got, my mother in law also bought me some for my birthday so I ended up with 30 tubers!

These were a mix from garden centres, specialist dahlia growers and even Aldi. I’ve had a real mix of success so far and found I’ve become a little obsessive over it! So far 15 of the 30 tubers have sprouted, everyday of nice weather has really helped and it took the heat wave happening until I saw any action..

I’ve had almost 100% success rate so far with the Aldi ones which is incredible considering the price. I bought two packs, one in a 3 pack and another in a 5 pack, both of which were be same price if not less than a single tuner from a garden centre! So maybe the saying you get what you pay for isn’t relevant for dahlias! I’ll keep you updated as the summer arrives and they flower, maybe that’s when I’ll see a big difference but for now, I’d recommend you buy up Aldi stocks next spring!!


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