porch cottage
Porch Cottage


My name is Lori, I live in a pretty special place with my husband Andrew, sons Monty & Roald and two dogs, Toffee & Gunna (and a few chickens too). Porch Cottages is nestled on the boundary of a cricket pitch and sits at the bottom of the heather covered West Pennine Moors. You can get a daily dose of it on my instagram page here.

Having grown up in the countryside but spending the best part of a decade in London, I was itching to get back to country life when we finally made the move to Lancashire. I grew up locally, but my husband is from Sussex so acclimatising to the rain and the accents was a challenge at first! We have had a four bed cottage to renovate and an overgrown half acre garden to tackle, it’s been tiring (and emotional!) but we are taking huge steps every weekend when we’re really able to tackle all of our D-I-Y tasks. Our aim is to live a large part of our life as self sufficiently as possible, from veg patches & an orchard, to our little group of hens and eventually a couple of pigs.

You can keep up with our progress through our blog or on my instagram page. I hope you like what you read and that you can share your wisdoms, in the same way that we will share our gardening and DIY successes and failures!

Lori x