How to take dahlia cuttings

The dahlia addiction is expensive, but if you know this little trick it will save you lots of money and also make your current dahlias much healthier. You don't want lots of stems coming out of one tuber because the plant becomes crowded and air can't circulate through the stems and foliage. If it's a… Continue reading How to take dahlia cuttings

Recipe: Pickled onions

If your onion harvest this year was anything like mine, then this recipe is for you. For the second year in a row, most of our onions were tiny and shallot sized. Luckily for my dad who is the biggest pickled onion fan, we decided the best use for them would be to pickle them… Continue reading Recipe: Pickled onions

Front border transformation

You might notice over on Instagram that I rarely share close up photos from the front of our cottage.. Directly in front of our door is a dirt track, then a cricket pitch and then the west pennine moors all within 250 meters. So even though we're in a really picturesque and rural spot, close… Continue reading Front border transformation

Lifting dahlias for Winter

It has been a while since I last posted, so I thought it was about time I got my bum into gear and started writing posts again! This week we have been drying out our dahlia tubers after we had a frost that killed all the foliage and blooms a couple of weeks ago. Having… Continue reading Lifting dahlias for Winter

Recipe: Apple & blackberry crumble

I'm sure I'm not alone with the masses of apples on the trees this year. I've made lots of crumbles recently and I'm going to make more and freeze them. I'm not sure if they're best frozen cooked or not, so I will try both ways and let you know what works best! Here's my… Continue reading Recipe: Apple & blackberry crumble

Recipe: Irish marrow chutney

The courgette glut continues and with it comes the arrival of marrows! We went away for the weekend to see Andrew's family in Sussex and when we came back our super courgettes had made quite a few marrows. Luckily I have a great marrow chutney recipe (stolen from my mother-in-law) to use them up and… Continue reading Recipe: Irish marrow chutney

Recipe: Elderflower cordial

I don't think anything welcomes the summer like picking elder blossom ready to make delicious cordial to be enjoyed on hazy days! We make huge batches of this fragrant nectar and store in the freezer in old plastic bottles to treat ourselves all year round. It couldn't be easier so do give it a bash!… Continue reading Recipe: Elderflower cordial