How to take dahlia cuttings

The dahlia addiction is expensive, but if you know this little trick it will save you lots of money and also make your current dahlias much healthier. You don't want lots of stems coming out of one tuber because the plant becomes crowded and air can't circulate through the stems and foliage. If it's a… Continue reading How to take dahlia cuttings

Propagating yew & box hedges

We have some overgrown and past their best hedging at the back of the house. It's woody, wild and the selection of shrubs and trees isn't what I'd have picked. So to save our bank accounts the hit of new hedging, we’ve been propagating some yew and box from another part of the same hedge.… Continue reading Propagating yew & box hedges

Making greenhouse staging from pallets

I've needed extra staging for the greenhouse for the last year and have been looking for a wallet friendly solution. We've tried looking at shelves from ikea and even the potting benches from Aldi (really great, but smaller than we need and £29.99), but then I saw on Charles Dowding's page that he created some… Continue reading Making greenhouse staging from pallets

Lifting dahlias for Winter

It has been a while since I last posted, so I thought it was about time I got my bum into gear and started writing posts again! This week we have been drying out our dahlia tubers after we had a frost that killed all the foliage and blooms a couple of weeks ago. Having… Continue reading Lifting dahlias for Winter

Kitchen garden lessons

Andrew and I both consider ourselves to be real novice gardeners, but I often forget how much we've actually learnt over the last 18 months but this summer in particular has been a real learning curve! I consider this summer as our first here at Porch Cottage. Last year we were busy cutting down masses… Continue reading Kitchen garden lessons

Propagating succulents

Before I started gardening I thought propagation was some kind of magical voodoo. Seriously, how could someone chop a bit of plant off, pop it in a plant pot and just grow a new one!? But since starting our own garden we've been propagating with real mixed success and the easiest plants for it has… Continue reading Propagating succulents

Watering solutions for when you’re away

This week marks the start of the school summer holidays and with the heatwave many of us are running the risk of returning home from a nice jolly to frazzled plants. We've just got back from a week away and we very wisely asked our neighbour to water everything in the greenhouse and the hanging… Continue reading Watering solutions for when you’re away

How to reuse your plastic plant pots

Yesterday I was in the potting shed giving it a little tidy and felt slightly defeated looking at my huge mound of stacked plastic plant pots I have acquired over time. I insist on keeping them to reuse, but what I am able to reuse doesn't even seem to touch the sides.. I'm also reluctant… Continue reading How to reuse your plastic plant pots

How to split your snowdrops

Snowdrops look great when they form masses of clumps throughout your garden, but they're relatively slow to spread. The best way to speed this up is to lift larger clumps and split them up, this will also protect them should one clump ever get a disease etc. To split, simply dig out the clump whilst… Continue reading How to split your snowdrops