Propagating yew & box hedges

We have some overgrown and past their best hedging at the back of the house. It's woody, wild and the selection of shrubs and trees isn't what I'd have picked. So to save our bank accounts the hit of new hedging, we’ve been propagating some yew and box from another part of the same hedge.… Continue reading Propagating yew & box hedges

Sowing tomato seeds 🍅

In the past I have always bought little plug plants for my tomatoes but felt like I was cheating... I'm not sure why, I often say you don't get a medal for making things harder for yourself, but I'm sure I'll definitely get an extra kick of satisfaction knowing I'm eating something I grew from… Continue reading Sowing tomato seeds 🍅

Bramble clearing

Behind our garden is a small field on a hill, separated from us by a drainage pipe that used to run water from two fishing lakes on either side. The farmer has fenced off the land about 5m above this and so it's become overgrown with brambles, Himalayan balsam, saplings and what I suspect could… Continue reading Bramble clearing

Front border transformation

You might notice over on Instagram that I rarely share close up photos from the front of our cottage.. Directly in front of our door is a dirt track, then a cricket pitch and then the west pennine moors all within 250 meters. So even though we're in a really picturesque and rural spot, close… Continue reading Front border transformation

Kitchen garden lessons

Andrew and I both consider ourselves to be real novice gardeners, but I often forget how much we've actually learnt over the last 18 months but this summer in particular has been a real learning curve! I consider this summer as our first here at Porch Cottage. Last year we were busy cutting down masses… Continue reading Kitchen garden lessons

Watering solutions for when you’re away

This week marks the start of the school summer holidays and with the heatwave many of us are running the risk of returning home from a nice jolly to frazzled plants. We've just got back from a week away and we very wisely asked our neighbour to water everything in the greenhouse and the hanging… Continue reading Watering solutions for when you’re away

Kitchen garden update

We have been working on our kitchen garden for almost a year now. We started by half building our raised beds last year and then got distracted by more important jobs in the rest of the garden and the house. This actually turned out to be a good thing as it turned out we'd not… Continue reading Kitchen garden update

April herb garden update

The herb garden is now so close to be completed and the chickens are loving it (not sure how I feel about that)! The cobbled raised beds have been built, soil is in and we have already planted 3 varieties of thyme, 2 varieties of sage, chives, peppermint, marjoram and rosemary. We now just need… Continue reading April herb garden update

Porch Cottages kitchen garden & orchard plans

When we first bought the house in December 2016 we had grand plans for the back of the garden. Our garden is an L shape and the area visible from the house was a lawn area surrounded in laurels and rhododendrons. We attacked a huge number of the laurels to create a flower bed (we… Continue reading Porch Cottages kitchen garden & orchard plans