Wild garlic recipes

I love this wild garlic because not only is it delicious, good for you and cheap, but it's a sign that summer is well and truly on the way and what can be better? Wild garlic can be found in our woodlands and hedgerows. The subtle scent of garlic wafts through the area and the… Continue reading Wild garlic recipes

Recipe: Pickled onions

If your onion harvest this year was anything like mine, then this recipe is for you. For the second year in a row, most of our onions were tiny and shallot sized. Luckily for my dad who is the biggest pickled onion fan, we decided the best use for them would be to pickle them… Continue reading Recipe: Pickled onions

Recipe: Chamomile tea

I am very keen on the idea of medicinal plants and wanted to create a corner of the terrace garden dedicated to homeopathic remedies. Now, you can't have a homeopathic border without chamomile! They're both pretty and practical, making the most perfect slumber inducing nighttime tea. To make your own is so simple, I grew… Continue reading Recipe: Chamomile tea

Recipe: Apple & blackberry crumble

I'm sure I'm not alone with the masses of apples on the trees this year. I've made lots of crumbles recently and I'm going to make more and freeze them. I'm not sure if they're best frozen cooked or not, so I will try both ways and let you know what works best! Here's my… Continue reading Recipe: Apple & blackberry crumble

Recipe: Spicy tomato and marrow chutney

Another day, another marrow recipe! This one is quite different from my Irish marrow chutney and it reminds me a little of an Indian pickle so I think it'd be the perfect addition to curries as well as the usual sandwiches and cheeseboards. Ingredients: 900g marrow, peeled and deseeded 500g tomatoes 2 red onions 1… Continue reading Recipe: Spicy tomato and marrow chutney

Recipe: Irish marrow chutney

The courgette glut continues and with it comes the arrival of marrows! We went away for the weekend to see Andrew's family in Sussex and when we came back our super courgettes had made quite a few marrows. Luckily I have a great marrow chutney recipe (stolen from my mother-in-law) to use them up and… Continue reading Recipe: Irish marrow chutney

Recipe: Courgette, pistachio & lime cake

If like me, you've grown your own courgettes this year then you're probably in the middle of a courgette glut! I've been constantly thinking of new and interesting ways to use them including trial a few cake recipes. This recipe has been by far the most successful, best made with a loaf tin and using… Continue reading Recipe: Courgette, pistachio & lime cake

Recipe: Stuffed courgette flowers

I'm very excited that our courgette plants are full of flowers and plan on making full use of them with this tasty recipe. One of my favourite things about this recipe is that it sounds much more difficult than it actually is and is perfect for impressing dinner guests. If you're not growing your own… Continue reading Recipe: Stuffed courgette flowers