Making greenhouse staging from pallets

I've needed extra staging for the greenhouse for the last year and have been looking for a wallet friendly solution. We've tried looking at shelves from ikea and even the potting benches from Aldi (really great, but smaller than we need and £29.99), but then I saw on Charles Dowding's page that he created some… Continue reading Making greenhouse staging from pallets

Recipe: Pickled onions

If your onion harvest this year was anything like mine, then this recipe is for you. For the second year in a row, most of our onions were tiny and shallot sized. Luckily for my dad who is the biggest pickled onion fan, we decided the best use for them would be to pickle them… Continue reading Recipe: Pickled onions

Recipe: Apple & blackberry crumble

I'm sure I'm not alone with the masses of apples on the trees this year. I've made lots of crumbles recently and I'm going to make more and freeze them. I'm not sure if they're best frozen cooked or not, so I will try both ways and let you know what works best! Here's my… Continue reading Recipe: Apple & blackberry crumble

Kitchen garden lessons

Andrew and I both consider ourselves to be real novice gardeners, but I often forget how much we've actually learnt over the last 18 months but this summer in particular has been a real learning curve! I consider this summer as our first here at Porch Cottage. Last year we were busy cutting down masses… Continue reading Kitchen garden lessons

Recipe: Courgette, pistachio & lime cake

If like me, you've grown your own courgettes this year then you're probably in the middle of a courgette glut! I've been constantly thinking of new and interesting ways to use them including trial a few cake recipes. This recipe has been by far the most successful, best made with a loaf tin and using… Continue reading Recipe: Courgette, pistachio & lime cake

Watering solutions for when you’re away

This week marks the start of the school summer holidays and with the heatwave many of us are running the risk of returning home from a nice jolly to frazzled plants. We've just got back from a week away and we very wisely asked our neighbour to water everything in the greenhouse and the hanging… Continue reading Watering solutions for when you’re away

Porch Cottages kitchen garden & orchard plans

When we first bought the house in December 2016 we had grand plans for the back of the garden. Our garden is an L shape and the area visible from the house was a lawn area surrounded in laurels and rhododendrons. We attacked a huge number of the laurels to create a flower bed (we… Continue reading Porch Cottages kitchen garden & orchard plans